What it takes to succeed

Hi, Life Size’s Strategic Director, Lucia here bringing you our end-of-summer insights. I hope you find these musings I have had over the summer enriching.

Through thick and thin

At a recent client meeting in Switzerland (in person IRL 🙌), I noticed a small paper note about grit and how you need it to succeed. 

Here’s a truth: we never talk about it publicly. Many of our clients experience rough patches. This is completely normal. It doesn’t mean failure. It doesn’t mean they’re bad at their job. It doesn’t mean they’re not doing the right things. It’s just normal. 

Really we could write case studies about how we accompanied clients through difficult phases, how we insisted on keeping up consistent communications, how we adjusted their communications strategy – multiple times – how case studies, blogs or project announcements didn’t work out, how we kept up relationships with journalists and how we all learnt a lot from it. But case studies are only for the outward success stories that follow later, not for the quiet grit you need to get there.

New case studies

That said, we used the summer lull to write several new case studies. Here’s a small selection showing the variety of work we do with our clients. Which story inspires you?

  • If you have any questions about these or would like to discuss how we could support you, I’d love to hear from you.

Buying stuff

Having a baby has again brought home to me how much stuff we have and buy. Even though we have hardly bought anything for our baby and got most things from friends who’d become parents before us, we have been given so many new things too. And even though much of it is from sustainable companies, it’s still new stuff that our baby doesn’t actually need at all.

His favourite toy for the last four months has been a little grey box that used to hold my harmonica. It reminded me how much we associate buying and giving stuff with sharing our love and showing that we care. It’s so ingrained in how we live. On Tuesday this week I decided to avoid buying anything new other than food and cosmetics, only to later that day buy a new book 😬. Books don’t count, right?

What does buying new items mean to you? What feelings do you associate with it?

A new Life Sizer has joined us!

Last but not least, I’d like to introduce you to Paige, our new Marketing Manager. Paige has over six years of experience in B2B and B2C marketing, across a broad range of industries. Her strong analytical skills, passion for SEO and copywriting, and creative mindset will ensure that she delivers impactful marketing strategies for us and for our clients. When she isn’t creating and implementing high-level marketing content, Paige can be found at the gym, in a dance class or travelling the world.

I hope you found this month’s Life Size insights interesting. If you have comments or would like to discuss your communications challenges with us, let me know.

Here’s to a beautiful start to autumn and the rest of 2023! Let’s make the most of it.

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