Whitepaper: How to build an authentic brand

How to build an authentic brand: a practical guide

What is a brand? Do I really need one? Where do I start?

Our first whitepaper of 2021 lays out the steps you need to take to build an authentic cleantech brand in a practical workbook style. Many cleantech companies underestimate the importance of branding and the power it has to transform their business. In fact, business leaders are often confused about what exactly brand is to begin with.

That’s why we start our whitepaper by answering this very question, before laying out exactly why you really need a brand. Then, we guide you through our brand methodology, sharing our expertise on building a compelling brand and applying it in practice.

Download the guide to learn:

  • Why a brand is much more than a logo
  • Why you need to ask why
  • How to find your brand attributes
  • How to define your value proposition
  • How to live your brand as a company and team

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