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Why cleantech startups should invest in building a solid brand

A brand isn’t just a logo. It’s the story, motivation and personality behind your company. However, developing a brand that reflects all of this is not a priority for most cleantech companies. While this is understandable initially, at a certain point it will become a serious oversight.

A brand is how the character of your business comes across to stakeholders, both existing and potential. So how do you balance your cleantech brand story with a deep understanding of what your customers and other stakeholders want?

Get the timing right

There will come a time when your company reaches a critical stage in its journey and will begin to look inwards at what is working and what isn’t, when it comes to brand and communications.  

  • Perhaps your unique technology isn’t understood by the majority of the market, so you need a simple yet effective brand and clear tone of voice to break through the clouds of confusion.
  • Maybe you are seeking investment, and potential investors have commented on your lack of high quality branding and online presence.
  • Or maybe you’ve got all the parts – the business foundations and investment partnerships, technology proof of concept and commercial developments – and wish to reflect this in a market leading visual identity.

No matter your position, once you get to this crucial point is the time when having a solid brand will be imperative to your future business success.

Find your sweet spot

People want to be motivated and inspired by the companies they work with, invest in and promote. They also want to know that what they’re buying into and, perhaps most importantly, whether it will bring them value. That’s why it’s essential to figure out what is the main focus of your brand and what will resonate most with your stakeholders.

  • Do you have a compelling company story to tell?
  • Is your value proposition unique?
  • Or is it your technology that needs to be easily understood to help you stand out from the crowd?

Set yourself up for future success

Ensuring that your brand truly embodies your company values and vision offers many benefits. On the flip side, if your brand doesn’t accurately represent you then you will send the wrong message to your stakeholders. While it’s easy to put brand at the bottom of your priority list, remember that your audience is basing their decisions and forming their opinions of your business on what you communicate externally.

With the right brand in place, you’ll be able to do anything – build confidence with investors, speed up sales, position yourselves in the marketplace, receive media attention and attract the best employees.

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