Who we are

Europe’s leading climate tech communications agency and the first employee-owned climate tech business in the UK.

We are a group of courageous individuals using our years of experience and industry knowledge to guide climate tech startups to success.

As your value-driven co-pilot, we steer you in the direction that is best for your business. Our focus is on shaping distinctive brands and producing quality content rather than vanity metrics.

Our clients trust our opinions, seek our advice and appreciate our input – every step of the way.

Values we uphold

Our work is only as meaningful as the core values on which Life Size has been built. They represent our principles as individuals and determine how we operate as a business. They guide the way that we interact with each other, our clients and the planet.


To operate with minimal impact on the environment

We are committed to operating our business with a minimal impact on the environment and taking active steps towards reducing our impact.

As a climate tech business, we position sustainability at the forefront of everything we do. This includes considering how our day-to-day activities and company processes could contribute to climate change.

To take a closer look at the work we are doing to uphold this value, read our blog.


To foster a diverse and inclusive culture

We are committed to creating a genuinely inclusive and diverse culture whilst actively and continually improving this culture. This means welcoming and supporting employees and clients with different beliefs, backgrounds, cultures and abilities.

We’re united by one common goal: using our skills to combat the climate crisis. Everything else about us can and should vary. We understand that people are inherently different and that these differences are what make us unique and valuable individuals. By creating an environment that embraces the individuality that shapes us as people, our employees feel valued and our company can continue to thrive, grow and innovate.

To take a closer look at the work we are doing to ensure that we deliver on this value, read our blog.


To promote a healthy work-life balance

We are committed to fostering a culture where work and personal life are truly balanced, with each element supporting the other. Though we place great value on the work that we do, our success can only continue if we place the same significance on our employees’ lives outside of Life Size.

Our company policies are carefully crafted with this in mind. This enables our team to thrive in and outside of the workplace which promotes productivity, gratitude and positive mental health.

To take a closer look at the work we are doing to uphold this value, read our blog.


Where it all began …

Life Size is rooted in a rich history that dates back to 2010.
It was founded by Alisa Murphy, who was the then CEO of a clean energy startup in the carbon capture industry. This exposed her to the challenges that climate tech startups were facing when it came to their communications.

There was a pervasive lack of clarity and accessibility in climate tech communications, causing a disconnect between these promising companies and their potential investors and customers.

She saw the problem and developed a solution, deciding that her talents and the knowledge she had gained in her years as a CEO could be used to have a wider impact on the climate tech sector.

The transition to building Life Size – a climate tech communications agency – felt organic and necessary. Our value is showcased in the exceptional work that we have delivered throughout the years and the wonderful team that has contributed along the way.
We’ve gone through many evolutions to reach the stage we are at today – the UK’s first employee-owned climate tech company.

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