PR campaigns

See your technology in the headlines

Journalists are key influencers who can inspire action that addresses the climate crisis.

We help you develop strong, trusting relationships with journalists who write about your technology and the industries and localities your business will transform.
We align your PR strategy to your key commercial goals and identify how we can convey your story, where to tell it and which nuances to emphasise.

PR is a marathon, not a sprint

We support our clients with continuous PR support, building traction year on year. Our steady and ambitious approach to PR helps our clients become reliable, trustworthy industry voices.

PR is a marathon, not a sprint. That said, some startups benefit from our sprint projects to amplify a piece of milestone news. These projects lay a solid foundation for future efforts.

Making it onto the front page of national and international newspapers is a fantastic validation of the importance of your technology and its potential impact.

Delivering on your commercial strategy

Trade media play a crucial role in updating real human beings working in your target industries about new developments. Informing publications about your relevant business news is vital to establishing trust and portraying reliability.

The importance of storytelling

Our clients develop transformative technologies the world needs to be aware of. They also have useful insights on what needs to happen politically and from a regulatory standpoint. Their voices are important.

To ensure your voice is heard and understood by the people you need to create impact, your story must be told consistently and in a compelling and relevant manner to different target audiences. We write so your key stakeholders take the right actions.

Our solutions include

For example
A couple of cases

PR campaigns
Increasing the media profile of a rapid-growth e-mobility firm
Kempower Carnegie Sustainability Award 2023 2
Increasing the media profile of a rapid-growth e-mobility firm
PR campaigns Funding
Securing impactful press coverage for a crucial fundraise
Securing impactful press coverage for a crucial fundraise

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