We are champions of the cleantech industry.

We believe in its potential to tackle the greatest challenges of our time.

We use communications to help build market-leading cleantech companies across Europe.


We deliver successes

Building a cleantech business is hard. Many will never make it. On a journey where the odds are stacked against you, we believe that effective communications transform businesses; they can be the difference between success and failure. We deliver those transformations.

With a proven methodology

Our priority is to develop a deep understanding of where you’re going and what’s in your way – then we tell your story with belief and authenticity. Our delivery machine starts with deep, effective strategy, then flows into brand, content and PR campaigns which are built around your specific needs and goals.

We are industry experts

Prepare to be challenged by us and you will benefit from our years of experience working with companies on the same journey, in the same sector. We construct campaigns that will move your business forward: driving international expansion, increasing market share, influencing policy and raising investment.

A dedicated team of cleantech heroes

Like the companies we work with, the people who make up Life Size are driven by vision, passion and a refusal to accept the status quo. While our international team has come from many different paths, experiences and backgrounds, collectively we share a desire to do stimulating work that matters.

The world needs cleantech…

Why have we chosen a high-risk industry that’s filled with challenges: low financial support; minimal public awareness; numerous governmental and legislative hurdles? The same reason as you.
Cleantech needs us.

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