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From unnamed to unforgettable: creating a brand that matters


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Sector: VC
Region: DACH


Matterwave Ventures

One of Europe’s leading VC investors in industrial deep technology, backing the future of European industry.

The challenge

In late 2021, btov Industrial Technologies decided to rebrand to fully reflect its core convictions and experiences. It needed a new name and brand that resonated with potential investment opportunities and limited partners for fundraising.

We were tasked with finding a unique name, creating a brand that stood out, and translating the company’s value proposition into attractive and bold messaging. We also needed to implement this new brand and messaging onto a new website and further brand assets.

The solution

We took a tailored approach when creating a unique new brand, starting by interviewing stakeholders to deeply understand Matterwave’s target audience. We also ran a value proposition workshop to identify brand values and initial naming ideas.

We then turned our learnings into several concepts, allowing the team to reflect on their options and decide what mattered most to them. We created a uniform brand involving a memorable logo and graphic icon, striking brand colours, and distinct typography. The resulting brand feels bold yet elegant while conveying Matterwave’s core convictions.

The results

Since rolling out the new name and brand across all touchpoints, Matterwave has secured capital commitments of more than €75 million, coming from major institutional investors as well as industrial companies, foundations, and family offices.

A well-defined value proposition helped to differentiate Matterwave from competitors and communicate its unique strengths. The strong brand and website raised awareness and generated buzz. A clear and ambitious deck streamlined the fundraising process, leading to the successful first closure of the fund. Ultimately, the striking brand empowered Matterwave to stand out in a crowded market and position itself as an industry leader.

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