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Sector: Electric mobility
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Danfoss Editron

Danfoss’ Editron division delivers hybrid and electric powertrain systems for heavy-duty vehicles and machines based on its unique synchronous reluctance-assisted permanent magnet technology.

The challenge

Danfoss’ Editron division was previously known as Visedo, a Finnish start-up founded in 2009. The Danfoss Group acquired the company in late 2017 when it was integrated into the Danfoss Power Solutions segment and rebranded as Editron.

Transitioning from an independent startup to part of a major global organisation brought multiple internal and external communications challenges for Danfoss’ Editron. 

To position Editron as the leading electric systems expert for heavy-duty vehicles and machines, we needed to generate broad media interest in electrification and build recognition and reputation for the new Editron brand. Meanwhile, we had to balance the interests of the entire Danfoss Group.

The solution

To achieve a fast-paced, global PR and content campaign, our first step was to communicate the global impact of local projects by ensuring all content for the Editron division reinforced its vision that anything can be electrified. We achieved this by stating the emissions produced by a country, region, or sector or highlighting a project’s expected carbon emission savings regularly in content.

It was also important to build solid relationships with journalists from trade publications to ensure regular coverage. This momentum directly influenced the mainstream attention we achieved for the Editron division. 

The final key was establishing effective processes. We created templates for communications materials, such as press releases and case studies, and devised lists of standard questions, enabling the quick delivery of content.

The results

Our communications guidance, expertise, and results were highly valued by Danfoss’ Editron team with us leading their PR and content activities.

During our collaboration, we consistently secured mainstream coverage in the likes of Forbes, The BBC, and The Guardian. What we’re proud of: we achieved a record high of 685 press coverage hits – an all-time high for Editron.

We regularly placed thought leadership articles, case studies, and opinion pieces in trade publications and set up interviews with journalists or podcast appearances. We also drove year-on-year audience growth and engagement rate increases on the company’s primary social channel, LinkedIn.

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